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KODA is a Juniors USA Volleyball & JVA club for athletes ages 8-18 desiring to grow their skills in competitive volleyball.
KODA means friendship.  
Being a part of the
KODA family means you get to make friends with athletes from all over the Central New York area, building friendships that will last a lifetime, all while improving your skills and strength as an athlete and teammate. 
Come grow with us! 
KODA Club desires to grow the sport of volleyball in the Central New York area, support our local schools and their athletes, and create a space for friendship, fun, and competition. 

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Cortland (Crown)          U14 Girls,  U15 Girls, U16 Girls & U17 Girls 
@Homer                             Sunday Practices 1-3 , 3-5

Morrisville or                   Coed Youth Academy (3-6th Grade)
Stockbridge                        Sundays 4-6pm 

Oneida  (North)                U14 Boys  U16 Boys, U18 Boys, &  U17 Girls
                                                     Sunday Practices 12:30 - 3 , 3-5:30, 5:30-8:00

Morrisville  (South)           U14 Girls, U16 Girls
                                                       Sunday Practices 1-3pm 

Stockbridge (Central)     U11 Coed, 12 Coed, U13Girls, U15 Girls, U18 Girls 
                                                      Sunday Practices 12-2, 2-4, 4-6 

Old Forge (ADK)               U16 Girls 
                                                     Sunday Practices 2-4

Syracuse (West)              U13U15, U17 
(MPH & Bishop Grimes ) 
Wednesday and Sunday Practices 4-6,  6-8

Chittenango (Silver)       U13, U14, U15, U16 (Chittenango School)
Sunday Practices 6-8 

Youth Academy Athletes can be part of a Travel Team (not too many, and not too far from home)

Youth Academy Info & Registration

Click HERE for more information and to Register for KODA Youth Academy
(Grades 3-6th)

Registration costs vary based on the classes and camps selected

We have fundraiser opportunities - contact us at if you need help. We do not want money to be the reason someone can't participate. 


Registration for the 2023-2024 Season will open on June 10th

Possible Clinics in late June/earl July - stay tuned

Please email Heather at  with any questions


1) Cortland - KODA CROWN
LEAD COACH - Jeremy Cook
Coaching Staff: 
Jeremy Cook, Melissa Sorenson, Malley Bowen,  Alyssa Wheeler, Jaidan Degear

: Coach Melissa Sorenson
GIRLS TRAVEL U16: Coach Malley Bowen/Jaidan Degear
GIRLS TRAVEL U17: Coach Jeremy Cook/Alyssa Wheeler     

Practice Location: Homer Central School High School

2) Oneida - KODA NORTH
LEAD COACH - Pete Keoviengsamay
Boys Director: TBD

Coaching Staff: 
Pete Keoviengsamay, Josh Huntley

- Coach Josh Huntley
 U18 - Coach Pete Keoviengsamay
GIRLS TRAVEL  U17 - Coach Pete Keoviengsamay
Practice Location:

Oneida Parks and Recreation Center 

3) Old Forge - KODA ADK
LEAD COACH -  Dianna Ste-Marie

Coaching Staff:
Dianna Ste-Marie
GIRLS TRAVEL U16 -Coach Dianna Ste-Marie
Practice Location:
TBD - Holland Patent/Old Forge

4) Morrisville - KODA SOUTH
LEAD COACH - Wil & Dean Curtis

Coaching Staff:
Dean Curtis, Wil Curtis, Kady Warner, Autumn Dailey, Julia Patrick, Kamryn Roher

GIRLS TRAVEL U14 - Coach Will Curtis & Kady Warner
 GIRLS TRAVEL  U16 - Coach Dean Curtis & Autumn Dailey
 Co-ed Youth Academy /Train & Play-  Julia Patrick, Kamryn Roher

Practice Location:

5) Stockbridge - KODA CENTRAL 
Coaching Staff:
Ray Webb, Dan Mitchell, Mike Moot, Marnie Card, Karen Houser, Lisa Gould
Kittens U11 - Hunter Ware, Melissa Lusby, Paige Webb
Co-ed U12 Travel - Coach Karen Houser ,  Lisa Gould, & Catherine Perry
Girls Travel U13  - Coach Karen Houser  
GIRLS Travel U15  - Coach Marnee Card  & Coach Rob Douglas
Girls Travel  U18 - Coach Ray Webb /TBD
Youth Academy 3-6th Grade   - Melissa Lusby, Hunter Ware, Paige Webb
Practice Location:
Stockbridge Valley Central School

6) Chittenango- KODA SILVER
LEAD COACH - Rob Douglas
Coaching Staff: Rob Douglas, Gabrielle Loftus, Sydney Pellman, & David Chizzonite
Girls Travel U13 - Gabrielle Loftus
Girls Travel U14 -  Sydney Pellman
 Girls Travel U15 - TBD

Practice Location:
Chittenango Central Schools

Coaching Staff:
Jim Tuck, Kayla Purcell
Co-ed Youth Academy 3-6th Grade -  

Girls Travel U14,  U15, U16 - Jim Tuck,  Kayla Purcell, & Lori Bland
Practice Locations:
Manlius Pebble Hill & Bishop Grimes

8) Utica/New Hartford - KODA East
 - Coming Soon -

LEAD COACH - Jen Smith

Coaching Staff:
Jen Smith, Melissa Lusby, TBD

Co-ed Youth Academy 3-6th Grade -  Melissa Lusby
Girls Travel -Age Division TBD - Jenn Smith
Practice Locations:
Mohawk Valley CC or NY Mills

Abuse is not tolerated. All staff have had background checks and have participated in mandatory training  "Safe Sport and MAAPP."
KODA Volleyball Club applies all of the policies set forth by USA Volleyball and Safe Sport as their guiding policies and procedures.  Additional information will be provided for staff, parents, and athletes. We ask that all members of the KODA Family are diligent in being the eyes and ears, and that if you see something, or you have any suspicions that you take action immediately. Contacting local authorities is always the best first step, and then let the Club Director know (315) 727-6296. If you see something (or hear something) say something! We take this VERY seriously. 

Preventing Bullying, What Great Coaches Need to Know

KODA will NOT tolerate any member of the KODA Family to physically, socially, or verbally cause harm to another member of KODA or any competitor. The consequences could be as severe as immediate removal from the team and club. KODA also will not tolerate behavior that negatively impacts the teams safety and unity. We ask all members of this family to say something if you see something. A text to the Club Director (315) 727-6296 that simply states "I have a concern, please call" is all you need to do.


Early Registration for the 2023-2024 Season = $25
Opens 6/10/2023
 ($50 after 8/31/203)

*Includes try-out shirt, and KODA Cares Scholarship Fund

-Costs below are in addition to Registration if you are selected for a team and choose to play-

USA Volleyball Membership - $70 (less for U11 & U12)
AAU Membership - $14 
Uniforms - $50 each

Travel Team = $450 + cost of tournaments ($50-$150 each)
Payments can be spread out (installments) 
irst payment due January 8th. 
  Tournament costs vary based on # of days and location
      $50 - $150 Tournament - We will work to reduce these costs as best as we can.
      6 -10 tournaments 

FUNDRAISING available. Please don't let cost turn you away if this is something that you  really want, talk with us and we will work with you to find ways to make this work. 

Season ends Mid to Late May
Practice on Sundays AND
Mid Week Practices begin in March


  1. Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Bars (not all flavors may be available)
  2. Wildcat Fundraiser Board When full Athlete earns $95- Club gets $5 & $50 toward gift card drawing (once board is full)
  3. Buy Me a Ball ($60)
  4. Help fill in the Volleyballs and support me to play

“I believe ability can get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” – John Wooden

Diverse-Inclusive-Accepting-Welcoming-Safe Space For Everyone

Heather  Bernet

Heather Bernet

KODA Club Director

Phone: 315-727-6296


KODA - FULL Club Tournament Schedule 2022-23 (23-24 will be loaded in August)

This is a google sheet / drive document that lists all of our tournaments, who is scheduled to go to them, whether they are accepted, pending, or on a waitlist. We strived to get everyone around 4-5 tournaments with about 7-8 days of tournament days.