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KODA is a Juniors USA Volleyball & JVA club for athletes ages 8-18 desiring to grow their skills in competitive volleyball.
 KODA means friendship.  Being a part of the KODA family means you get to make friends with athletes from all over the Central New York area, building friendships that will last a lifetime, all while improving your skills and strength as an athlete and teammate. 
KODA Club desires to grow the sport of volleyball in the Central New York area, support our local schools and their athletes, and create a space for friendship, fun, and competition.  

Youth Academy & Boys U14 Accepting NEW Registrations! All other Teams & Programs are Full

(3 spots available) 

OUR U14 BOYS TEAM (12, 13, 14 (age on 6/30/2024 must be 14or younger)
5 spots available, any position, any level

After you purchase a membership, you will need to go into your SportsEngine Account and complete these steps to make your athlete "eligible."  This is also where you will go to find USAV Academy to do your required R2 and Scorekeeper training.

  1. Go into "My Account" (upper right side of the screen)
  2. Household (selection on the left)
  3. View Profile (have to wait a little for the page to fully load) 
  4. A  box to the right will appear that says Excelsior Empire Region Volleyball - scroll down and click View Detail
  5. Hover over and click on the box (should be the first one) where it says 23-24 XLRVA Junior Player
  6. Complete All the tabs (make sure to scroll down to complete the ones for USA Volleyball and Our region Excelsior Empire
  7. Every box should be green and it should read eligible.
  8. The USAV Academy is a blue rectangle tab at the top click on that to go to the trainings - Scorer and R2


Stockbridge Valley Central School
U17 KODA Central (Girls)  Sunday Practices  1-3pm Coach Marnee Card & Ray Webb
U18 KODA Central (Girls) Sunday Practices  1-3pm   Coaches Ray Webb & Dan Mitchell
U12 KODA Central  Sunday Practices 3-5pm Coach Gould, Coach Ware, & Coach Yazwa
U13/14 KODA Central (Girls) Sunday Practices  3-5pm @ Stockbridge Valley Coach Marine Card,  Catherine Perry, & Paige Webb 
U13/U14 KODA (Boys) Sunday Practices 3-5pm - Coach  Dan Mitchell &  Ray Webb
KODA Youth Academy/KODA KITTENS 3rd-6th Grade Sundays 1:30--3:00pm - Coaches Kamryn Roher, Melissa Lusby & Danielle Fudzinski

Oneida Recreation Center
U17 KODA Select (Girls) Sunday Practices 12:30-300 Coach Pete Keoviengsamay
2/23-2/25 - Boston Nike Volleyball Festival

Oxford Academy High School & Morrisville Eaton Elementary
KODA South (Oxford) U14/15 (Girls) Sunday Practices 9-11am -  Coach Greg LaMonica ,  Ceara Fauble, and Kristin Seiler
KODA South (Oxford) U17/18 (Girls) Sunday Practices 9-11am -  Coaches Greg LaMonica, Ceara Fauble, and Kristin Seiler
U16 KODA South-Morrisville (Girls) Sunday 2/25 Practices from 2-4 pm at MECS Elementary ​​​​​  Coach Dean Curtis & Autumn Dailey

(3 Different Locations)
U15 KODA East (Girls )Sunday Practices  2-4pm @ElevateCNY in Westmoreland
U16 KODA Select (Girls) Sunday Practice 2/25  2-4pm @ElevateCNY, Westmoreland 
U14 KODA East (Girls)
Sunday Practices 6-8 pm @ Jarvis MS, Mohawk-Coach Hand 
U16 KODA East (Boys) 
Sunday Practices  4-6 pm @ Jarvis MS, Mohawk  Coach Huntley

Manlius-Pebble Hill & Bishop Grimes School Gymnasiums
U13-16 KODA West ACADEMY  (Girls) Sunday Practices 2-4PM - Coach Lori Bland, Jim Tuck, & Kayla Purcell 
U14 KODA West (Girls) Sunday Practices 2-4PM Coach Lori Bland, Kayla Purcell & Jim Tuck
U15 KODA West  (Girls) Sunday Practices 4-6PM- Coach Kayla Purcell, Lori Bland & Jim Tuck
U16 KODA West  (Girls) Sunday Practices 4-6PM - Coach Jim Tuck,  Kayla Purcell & Lori Bland

Chittenango Elementary School Gymnasium
U15 KODA Select  (Girls) 2/25 Practice 12:00-2:00 in MORRISVILLE at MECS Elementary 
U14 KODA Select (Girls) Sunday Practices 1:30-3:30 Coach Pellman, Coach Douglas
2/25 Practice 12:00-2:00 in MORRISVILLE at MECS Elementary 
U14 KODA Silver  (Girls) Sunday Practices  2:30-4:30  - Coach Gabby Giblin

Homer High School Gymnasium
U13-15  KODA Crown ACADEMY  (Girls) Sunday Practices  1-3pm -Coach Williams &Bassett 
U15 KODA Crown (Girls) Sunday Practices  1-3pm -  Coach Jeremy Cook
U16 KODA Crown  Sunday Practices 3-5pm  - Coaches Alyssa Wheeler & Rachel Burbidge
U17/18 KODA Crown Sunday Practices 3-5pm -Coaches Malley Bowen & Jaidan Degear


Season:            December - May
Practices:        Sundays afternoons - Mid Week Practices begin in March
Tryout Cost  - $50

Season Costs
- USA Volleyball & Excelsior Region Membership                                             $20-$70
AAU Membership ONLY needed for Travel Teams                                $20
- Additional Uniforms  
One uniform is included in Dues                           $50
- SEASON Dues                                                                                                             $450
- Tournament Fees (does not include Travel Costs)                                  $50-$150 each
   5-7 Tournaments 

Expected cost for the season                                                                   $900-$1,300 
Team and Individual Fundraisers to help offset the costs of tournaments will be planned by Team Representatives (Parents) 


  1. Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Bars
  2. Wildcat Fundraiser Board When full Athlete earns $95- Club gets $5 & $50 toward gift card drawing (once board is full)
  3. Help fill in the Volleyballs and support me to play

“I believe ability can get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”
– John Wooden

Diverse-Inclusive-Accepting-Welcoming-Safe Space For Everyone

Heather  Bernet

Heather Bernet

KODA Club Director

Phone: 315-727-6296