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2024-2025 Pre-Registration

Sign up today If you are interested in participating in KODA this coming season. - No Cost to Pre-Register- Tryouts will be held in September & October - See info & links below. This is a great place to start if you're not sure yet about which tryouts work the best for you

2024-2025 Season Tryouts

Link to Register for Tryouts, you may register for more than one tryout.

KODA is a Juniors USA Volleyball & JVA club for athletes ages 8-18 desiring to grow their skills in competitive volleyball.
 KODA means friendship.  Being a part of the KODA family means you get to make friends with athletes from all over the Central New York area, building friendships that will last a lifetime, all while improving your skills and strength as an athlete and teammate. 
KODA Club desires to grow the sport of volleyball in the Central New York area, support our local schools and their athletes, and create a space for friendship, fun, and competition.  

Train & Play

Grades 3-6
Training Sessions held at Stockbridge Valley Central School
Begins in November - Specific Dates to be set soon! 


TRYOUTS FOR 2024-2025 Travel Teams
Registration Dates:

Jul 11 ’24 – Aug 9 ’24        EARLY BIRD - $25.00
Aug 10 ’24 – Sep 7 ’24      REGULAR - $35.00
Sep 8 ’24 – Dec 1 ’24          LATE - $50.00

September 15 @ Oneida Recreation Center                
KODA Select 

12:30 PM-3:00 PM       U15/16
Tryout Registration Link HERE
3:00 PM-5:30 PM        U17/18
Tryout Registration Link HERE
September 22 @ Homer High School
KODA Crown 
9:00 AM-11:30 AM     U15/16
Tryout Registration Link HERE
11:30 AM-2:00 PM       U17/18
 Tryout Registration Link HERE
September 22 @ Stockbridge Valley    
KODA Central
      KODA East        KODA North 
3-5:30PM                            U14/15/16
Tryout Registration Link HERE
5:30-8PM                            U16/17/18
Tryout Registration Link HERE

September 29 @ Manlius Pebble Hill               

3:00-6:00PM                     U13/14/15
Tryout Registration Link HERE

October 13 @ Homer High School                       
KODA Crown

 9:00-11:30 AM                U12-U14
 Tryout Registration Link HERE

October 20 @ Stockbridge Valley
KODA Central
  3:00-5:30                             U13-U14 
 Tryout Registration Link HERE

KODA South Tryouts  TBD
U14, U16, U17

Season:              December 1 - May 18
Practices:         Sundays afternoons - Mid Week Practices begin in March
Tryout Cost  - $50

Season Costs
- USA Volleyball & Excelsior Region Membership                                             $20-$70
AAU Membership ONLY needed for Travel Teams                                 $30
- Additional Uniforms  
One uniform is included in Dues                            $50-$75
- SEASON Dues                                                                                                              $650 Travel Team
                                                                                                                                                  $550 Practice Player
                                                                                                                                                  $350 Academy Program
- Tournament Fees (does not include person hotel/food/gas costs) $50-$300* each
   5-7 Tournaments 

Expected cost for the season                                                                      $1,200-$2,500*
*Higher costs are for Select Teams or teams that travel outside of NYS for tournaments. 
Team and Individual Fundraisers to help offset the costs of tournaments will be planned by Team Representatives (Parents)

Training Program Coming Soon!

Small group sessions will be available once a week at Borza's in Westmoreland - Stay Tuned! 

Diverse-Inclusive-Accepting-Welcoming-Safe Space For Everyone

Online Merch Store

Orders on demand, typically ready within 10 Days

Heather  Bernet

Heather Bernet

KODA Club Director

Phone: 315-727-6296

Complaint Form

Anytime you have a concern, or are bothered by something please do not hesitate to let us know. 
Click HERE to complete the Grievance/Complaint Form

Guide for USAV Membership & Trainings

After you purchase a membership, you will need to go into your SportsEngine Account and complete these steps to make your athlete "eligible."  This is also where you will go to find USAV Academy to do your required R2 and Scorekeeper training.

  1. Go into "My Account" (upper right side of the screen)
  2. Household (selection on the left)
  3. View Profile (have to wait a little for the page to fully load) 
  4. A  box to the right will appear that says Excelsior Empire Region Volleyball - scroll down and click View Detail
  5. Hover over and click on the box (should be the first one) where it says 23-24 XLRVA Junior Player
  6. Complete All the tabs (make sure to scroll down to complete the ones for USA Volleyball and Our region Excelsior Empire
  7. Every box should be green and it should read eligible.
  8. The USAV Academy is a blue rectangle tab at the top click on that to go to the trainings - Scorer and R2


Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Bars

Wildcat Fundraiser Board When full Athlete earns $95- Club gets $5 & $50 toward gift card drawing (once board is full)

Help fill in the Volleyballs and support me to play